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Elite Penguin Pass

  • 30 Energy Savers

  • Support Portal Access

  • Proprietary Sales and Proposal Tool 

  • Energy Monitors 

  • Personalized Real-Life Case Studies

  • Exclusive Ongoing Product Pricing

Enough introductory product included to yield over $15,000 in sales, offering a return that notably exceeds your initial outlay.

Premier Promotion

Normally priced at $12,500 your early commitment grants you access for just


Join us today and seize the opportunity to shape your success at a fraction of the cost. 



*Limited time offer

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Seth J.

I’ve been working for several months now and can confidently endorse their Program. They’ve taken the time to get to know my business and have shared their understanding of the market to help me navigate the sales process with early-stage opportunities. Additionally, their sales tools (online quoting system and case studies) have enabled me to provide prospects with the information they need to say yes. I strongly recommend this program to others that are looking to achieve success.


The Elite Penguin Pass – a response to a growing need in the business world. We understand that the hefty costs associated with franchises often hinder many from pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. Even for those with existing businesses, the addition of a new product offering can be daunting without the proper tools and support. That's why we've crafted the Elite Penguin Pass, designed to bridge these gaps. Our mission is to empower aspiring business owners and those looking to expand by providing a comprehensive solution that not only offers a game-changing product, like the Chilled Unit Energy Saver, but also equips you with the essential tools, support, and know-how right from day one. With the Elite Penguin Pass, success becomes attainable without the overwhelming costs or uncertainties, enabling you to venture into the world of energy efficiency and savings with confidence.


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