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The Elite Penguin Pass

Exclusive Business 

Unlock a Hidden Market: Harness the power of our retrofit Energy Savings Product, virtually untapped in the U.S. market.


Launch your business and fuel your dream today!

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Built-In Profit

Unlock profits exceeding $15,000 with the initially included product supply—a stellar return surpassing your initial outlay.

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Ongoing Revenue

 Unlock over $90,000 yearly revenue potential with part-time effort. Begin tomorrow with

exclusive tools and expert support.

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Low Cost

Unlock entrepreneurship on a budget.

Begin your venture without the hefty franchise fees, ensuring more profit for you.

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Elite Penguin Pass Includes

  • 30 Energy Savers

  • Support Portal Access

  • Proprietary Sales and Proposal Tool 

  • Energy Monitors

  • Personalized Real-Life Case Studies

  • Low-Cost Future Product Pricing

The Franchise Alternative

Franchises require an average investment of

$50,000 to $200,000 plus royalties and ongoing franchise fees!

We offer a different approach. Instead of starting a franchise, consider licensing with us.

Normal low price of $14,000 - Schedule a call now and to unlock your huge discount of...

$2,000 OFF

​Zero Royalties - Zero Fees - Zero Risk

*limited time offer

Free Introductory Session

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I’ve been working for several months now and can confidently endorse their Program. They’ve taken the time to get to know my business and have shared their understanding of the market to help me navigate the sales process with early-stage opportunities. Additionally, their sales tools (online quoting system and case studies) have enabled me to provide prospects with the information they need to say yes. I strongly recommend this program to others that are looking to achieve success.

— Seth J.

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