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CUES - Chilled Unit Energy Saver is the key to saving big!

If you are running a business that requires refrigeration or chilled units then you will already know the costs required to be able to run them. In 2023 this is even more apparent with energy costs rising all the time.

While cooling units have always been fairly expensive to run, depending on the business that you are running if they are not monitored, they can end up costing a huge outlay to be able to maintain the energy required.

Of course, the other area that chilled energy units will affect is the environment and unless they are monitored, they can end up using a lot of energy and damaging the environment as well as increasing the carbon footprint for your business.

Enter CUES - The Chilled Unit Energy Saver:

We have developed CUES as a solution here at and it will give you the ability to immediately save on refrigeration systems.

In fact, you should be able to save up to 43% a year on your refrigeration costs depending on your current setup. The outlay required is also reasonable with businesses receiving a positive return on investment in under two years from set up.

The problem that CUES addresses is the fact that a cooling units main aim is to provide a consistent temperature inside a space that you pre-set by a thermostat.

This is normally governed by a compressor unit and the unit is switched on and off as necessary to maintain the temperature.

This works well but the reason that the energy consumption is so high is because it does not work out to be very efficient. Although it will take a direct reading from the thermostat it is not looking at the air temperature inside and even if it needs to power back on. This is when you get into a SMART it up– where you will be able to power on only when more refrigeration is needed which will of course lower the consumption.

You will also have different foods and different times of the year that will require more or less energy, when you add in different times of the day you can quickly see that there are many money-saving opportunities around the energy consumption.

This is where CUES comes in – it will allow you to maintain the temperature that you need in your chilled units but do it with more of a smart approach. Instead of just turning the energy on or off it will automatically adjust depending on variables inside the refrigeration unit.

The other area that this helps with is that it means your refrigeration unit will not wear out quite as quickly as it is not always having to be ran constantly. This will improve your carbon footprint and also lead to lower maintenance costs.

The Simple Solution CUES Provides:

CUES retrofit solution and it will work to maintain the food temperatures that you need while cutting out the energy usage and wastage that we have mentioned above. The way the device works is by giving you an advanced food simulant which will give you identical thermal characteristics to a typical food product.

We install this directly over the incumbent thermostat and it will work based off of the food temperature rather than the air temperature. This is a key distinction, and it means that your food will be at exactly the right temperature required but as it is not running from the air temperature you will be able to save energy.

This results in longer compressor cycles but will give you an 80% reduction in frequency. As the compressor is not having to start and stop all of the time you will be able to save a lot of energy and as mentioned above it is not uncommon to find savings of up to 42%.

You will also find that your food is kept at the temperature that it should be kept at so it will actually improve the taste of the food.

Expanding on the CUES set up you have the option of having to convenient variations which means that no matter the size of your chilled unit’s installation is quick and easy. Of course, the device is also completely safe and is made from high-grade, food safe ABS plastic housing it also has a patent it designs that provides a consistent thermal effect.

When you break it down into three parts you will be able to save up to 43% with your energy. It will also give you a quick and effective return on investment with a two-year payback period and it will give you up to 80% compressor life-cycle improvement.

This means that as the cycle frequency is lowered it will actually save you on maintenance costs throughout the year.

When you add in the fact that you will be able to set up CUES quickly and easily in your business it makes it a necessity in the current climate.

Click here for a free consultation for your business, you can also go direct through to the CUES page that will give you more information about the device and how much energy that you can save from your refrigeration systems.



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